WAM’s VIB compact gravity slide valve

WAM USA Inc. (WAM), a global manufacturer of equipment and plant components for bulk solids handling and processing, recently introduced the VIB compact gravity slide valve. The key feature of this new valve is its minimum overall height, for use with all types of powdery or granular materials stored in silos or bins.

Low-profile VIB slide valves are used where flow of a dry powder or granular material caused by gravity or conveying has to be intercepted. They may be fitted beneath hopper, bin, or silo outlets, on inlet and outlet spouts of mechanical conveyors, as well as above the inlet of telescopic loading spouts.

The special geometry of low-profile VIB slide valves and the various options in blade design enables their application in virtually all industries, including food processing.

Due to their design and to the engineering materials used, they represent an economic and efficient solution to various product processing applications where contamination and material pollution are an issue. A version with a stainless steel blade and frame, as well as a food-grade seal, is also available for use in the food industry.

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