News related to suppliers  and product launches in the domain of Instrumentation, including sensing devices to measure process parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow, velocity, composition, density, weight; and mechanical and electrical parameters such as vibration, position, power, current and voltage.

Deepwater Riser Invention System is the Latest WOM Technology to Secure Patent Protection

The US Patent and Trademark Office granted WOM the patent for its Deepwater Riser Intervention System (DRS) with subsea HPU-based electro-hydraulic closed loop control system.

New Thermostatic Expansion Valve For CO₂ Refrigeration Systems

Danfoss now introduces TE2 for R744, the first thermostatic expansion valve for CO2 on the market.

The Purpose of Automation Tools and What They Should Deliver

One of the most challenging tasks for the process and power plant design and maintenance industry has always been valve sizing and selection.

Asahi/America’s Electric and Pneumatic Actuators Included in MasterSpec

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technology, is pleased to announce that its electronic and pneumatic actuators have been added to the control valves specification section (230923.11) of MasterSpec.

Type 855BP Miniature Back Pressure Regulator

ControlAir is pleased to introduce the new Type 855BP Miniature Back Pressure Regulator.

Pinch Valve Offers Solution for Flow Control Problems

From Red Valve, the air-actuated Type A pinch valve offers a unique, cost-effective solution to flow control problems

WOM Receives Coveted Patent for Magnum SP Technology

Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM) announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted WOM the patent for its Magnum SP frac valve technology.

Valworx Releases New Product Line: Explosion-Proof Electric Actuators

Valworx announced the release of its new line of explosion-proof electric actuators.

Moog X700 Series 2-Way Servo Cartridge Valves With Superior Flow Performance

Moog’s new X700 Series Servo Cartridge Vales serve as robust throttle valves in electrohydraulic flow control systems, especially those requiring quick dynamic responses and high flows.

SAMSON Expands Product Portfolio with SAM DIGITAL as Additional Focus

SAMSON, a valve engineering and process automation specialist, is focusing on products to improve the safety and reliability of process plants as well as topics for the future, such as sustainability and the energy transition.