News related to suppliers  and product launches in the domain of Instrumentation, including sensing devices to measure process parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow, velocity, composition, density, weight; and mechanical and electrical parameters such as vibration, position, power, current and voltage.

Zurn Launches New 500XL3 Pressure Reducing Valve

Zurn Industries, LLC announces the release of the new Zurn Wilkins 500XL3 Pressure Reducing Valve. The new Zurn Wilkins 500XL3 Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) has a patented integral venturi enabling the valve to have best-in-class flow performance.

ElectricSolenoidValves Launches Library of 3D Valves, a distributor specializing in solenoid valves and automation products for engineers and OEMs, has released an online CAD library of 3D solenoid valves.

Curtiss-Wright Supports U.S. Naval Defense Platforms

Curtiss-Wright Corporation has been awarded contracts valued in excess of USD $130 million to provide propulsion valves, pumps and advanced instrumentation and control systems for the U.S.

New WIKA Flange Monoblock with Shut-Off Valve

WIKA’s monoblock with flange connection’s compact design integrates a shut-off valve to separate the process from the instrument side.

Masoneilan’s New Era in Smart Valve Instrumentation

The SVI3 Digital Valve Positioner marks a new era in smart valve instrumentation with the introduction of Online Valve Diagnostics, says Mark O’Neill from Masoneilan Digital Positioners and Instrumentation at Baker Hughes.

Compact Ball Valves for Heavy-Duty Applications

WIKA Instruments Ltd. has released their new ball valve, model BV. As the first shut-off valve or for connecting pressure measuring instruments, the model BV is suitable for a variety of applications.

Beswick’s Miniature 10-32 threaded Ball Valve

The Beswick MBV-1010-303 and the MBV-1010-316 ball valves are a great choice for applications requiring a compact, high quality, on/off valve.

Ladish Instrument Isolation Control Valves

Ladish has designed the Instrument Isolation Valves in response to the fugitive emissions concerns for instrumentation valves in the industry.

Top 10 Causes of Valve Failure

Valves are an inherent and vital part of any process plant. From the commodity valves used in instrumentation to the most complex control valve – they all serve a purpose, they all cost money, and they all will need to be replaced sometime in the future.

CIRCOR Instrumentation & Sampling Acquired by Crane Co.

CIRCOR has announced that it's agreed to sell CIRCOR Instrumentation & Sampling to Crane Co. The transaction will close early in the first quarter of 2020 and the full transition will take place in the following months.