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Flomatic Introduces 8-Inch AIS Compliant Model 408S6 Stainless Steel Ball Check Valve

Flomatic’s ball check valves are anti-roping and self-cleaning with no sharp edges or snag points which helps to prevent clogging from non-flushable wipes and other non-degradable sanitary products. They have been proven in wastewater lift stations for decades with a simple and reliable design.

Neles Reaches 3D Printing Milestone

Neles recently delivered their first valve with a 3D printed valve body for field testing. With exception to the body, the valve is a standard T5-series ball valve constructed of stainless steel materials.

Valtorc Releases Flush Bottom Tank Ball Valve

Valtorc International has launched their new Stainless Steel Flush Bottom Tank ball valves, made to order, to be installed under large holding tanks.

Valtorc Cryogenic Control Valves in Stainless Steel

Valtorc USA is proud to present their high performance fully fabricated V Ball Cryogenic control valves, for precise control of process media.

CYCLE GARD® C153S6 Control Valves from Flomatic Valves

The CYCLE GARD® C153S6 Control Valves from Flomatic Valves reduce rapid pump cycling and maintain a pre-set system operating pressure independent from low or high flow conditions.

Beswick Engineering’s Stainless Steel Check Valves

Beswick’s stainless steel and brass check valves are ideal for instruments requiring a low cracking pressure (less than 0.5 psid).

Automated Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve from Valtorc

Valtorc USA offers a wide variety of automated knife gate valves as well as spring return cylinders in 316SS, carbon steel Epoxy ends, and can work with knife gate valves up to 20".

Flomatic Ball Check Valves Made of Stainless Steel

Flomatic® Corporation has launched their new Model 508S6 Ball Check Valve; a reliable 316 stainless steel check valve. Among others, it features a full-ported valve seat uniquely designed to allow a strong phenolic ball to seat on a Nitrile (Buna-N) seat.

DeZURIK Spring Diaphragm Stainless Steel Actuators

DeZURIK rotary diaphragm actuators feature accurate performance, rugged construction and a long, economical service life.

Beswick’s Miniature Brass & SS Check Valves

Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.’s miniature brass and stainless steel check valves are ideal for instruments requiring a low cracking pressure (less than 0.5 PSID).