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Valve OEMs Urged to Throttle Up

In industrial applications, throttling valves play a crucial role in managing processes by facilitating the fine-tuning of flow rate, pressure, and temperature within the system.

The Importance of Gaskets in Railcars

Railcars are crucial in efficiently moving critical commodities from one place to another, especially over long distances.

Approach from EPC Perspective

In this article, JGC addresses the challenges surrounding valve interlocking devices, highlight discrepancies between components and the need for collaborative solutions.

Advanced Couplers Can Help Optimize the Handling of Hazardous Chemicals

Closed-loop systems are the safest way to prevent the leakage and spillage of hazardous chemicals and a portfolio of dry-disconnect coupler technologies is available to aid in that task.

Net Zero by 2050: The Hydrogen Boom

The first human walked on the moon in 1969 when Apollo 11 lunar module landed on the moon surface using hydrogen as rocket fuel for propulsion.

Large Language Models versus Fine-Tuned Market Models: A Technical Deep Dive in the Context...

Advanced artificial intelligence is driving immense efficiency gains across the global valve supply chain.

Why Supply Chain Automation is Crucial for Valve Manufacturers

As valve manufacturers are still feeling the effects of supply chain disruptions from the global pandemic, reshoring, and international political unrest, the industry has been forced to undergo a massive renovation that is expected to continue for at least a few more years.

Optimizing Dwell Time for Bolted Flange Installation

Efficient and effective bolted flange joint installations are pivotal for minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity in industrial plants.

The Role of Safety Valves in the Green Hydrogen Era

The energy sector faces significant challenges in transitioning to sustainable resources for power generation.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) in the Valve Industry

In the heart of the industry, every hiss and puff from a leaky valve is more than just a technical snag – it is a sign of potential harm slipping into the air we share.