Innovations and solutions

The latest product introductions and innovations in the global valve and actuation industry. Keep up-to-date with all product launches that are geared towards an array of end-user markets, ranging from oil/gas, food to renewable energy (hydrogen, CCS etc.)

Designing Products for Cryogenic Operating Environments

Not many years ago, cryogenics – the production and behavior of materials at very low temperatures – was likely to be understood by a group of people with specialized knowledge in fields like aerospace. Working with cryogenic applications means working with systems and components that have very special design and performance requirements. The costs associated with manufacturing and testing can be extreme. For these reasons, relatively few manufacturers have become adept at developing and commercializing cryogenic products that can meet the performance needs of the end user, at a price point that is practical.

Emerson Helps Simplify, Close Loop on Process Control

Emerson has released Feature Pack 3 for the DeltaV™ Distributed Control System (DCS) to improve process control with added functionality and an improved operations and engineering experience. 

MRC Global: Leading Clients Through Energy Transition

MRC Global, the leading distributor of pipe, valve, and fitting products to the energy and industrial end sectors, is dedicated to assisting its client base in energy transition and methane reduction processes. By leveraging advanced industry knowledge and superior services, the company has proven its ability to help customers navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the energy and industrial sectors. Valve World Americas had the great pleasure of speaking with several MRC Global employees, including Matt Hartfiel, Vice President - Downstream, Industrial & Energy Transition Valves; Greg Peterson, Vice President - Valves Actuation Measurement and Instrumentation; Lance Lorance, Executive Director - Valves and Automation and Charles Metrailer, Executive Director - Valves and Automaton, about MRC Global’s dedication to providing valves for a better future.

Emerson Improves Device and Process Visibility with FieldComm Group Registration

Global software, technology and engineering leader Emerson announced today that its device management software is the first host software to be fully registered by FieldComm Group to support the Field Device Integration (FDI) standard. This is a further step in Emerson’s ongoing efforts to reduce the time and effort spent installing and configuring the field devices plants rely on to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Valves in Solar Applications

As many companies and producers of energy are looking toward a cleaner future, solar energy has become a viable alternative to meet industry’s energy needs. To ensure the safe operation of the applications that harness solar energy, the valves used have to meet specific requirements. Valve World Americas had the opportunity to speak with valve expert Scott Moreland to gain more insight on this topic, including what valves are best suited for these applications, and what to expect for the future of the valve market.

What Does the Crisis in Eastern Europe Mean for the Valve Market?

After weeks of tension and military buildup near the Russia-Ukraine border, President Vladimir Putin made clear this was no bluff when he invaded Ukraine land, air, and sea. What is his goal? Are we watching the early stages of a conflict that can drag the world to WWIII? Read on to learn how the change in geopolitics might reverberate in the energy market, and consequently, in the valve market also.

The Scope and Application of Pressure Testing Valves

To understand the term ‘allowable leakage rate’ and demonstrates its empirical nature, it is beneficial to presents a brief and timely analysis of the international standard ISO 5208 for valve pressure testing. For this purpose, it is also important to analyze the refinement provided by the API 6D valve specification to the ‘allowable leakage rate’ values of ISO 5208. This in turn highlights the importance of a comprehensive assessment of the valve’s life cycle to achieve the best performance beyond the testing stage.

Valve Purchases for Hydrogen Use Modest Compared to Expenditures for Production

To meet the net zero targets and the contribution from hydrogen, valve sales will likely average $4 billion per year, over the next 10 years, and $6.3 billion over the next 30 years.(1) This includes the valves needed for hydrogen use, production, transport, storage as well as for carbon capture and sequestration.

Economic Alliance Supporting Initiatives Impact the Houston Port Region

The Houston Port region’s make up is so unique that there is no blueprint out there showing how to improve its economic development activities/assets, transportation infrastructure, workforce development entities, and investment protections. For this reason, Economic Alliance has established itself as the convening entity in identifying, prioritizing, and promoting issues of Houston Port region significance.

What Role Will Valve Manufacturers Play in the Renewable Fuels Economy

With the increased focus on environmental issues, energy producers are giving thoughtful consideration to the growing concerns of fugitive emissions, and all eyes are on a major player: valves. The world’s largest energy companies are now beginning to audit their greenhouse gas emissions, as well as other energy metrics, in order to achieve global sustainability initiatives such as, ‘Net-Zero 2050’.