Materials & Manufacturing

The design and manufacturing process of valves and actuators is instrumental in attaining and maintaining the desired quality of the product. We cover the foundry and casting sector and also more modern technologies, such as CNC machining and 3D or additive manufacturing.

Bradley’s Digital Mixing Valve Delivers Precise Temperature Control

Bradley Corp. has unveiled its Navigator digital mixing valve, which delivers precise temperature control and programmable features.

Proco Products Announces New Addition to ProFlex Rubber Check Valve Product Line

Introducing the ProFlex™ Series 730CBD Coarse Bubble Diffusers - a sought after pollution control technology used to aerate or mix wastewater for effluent/sewage treatment.

NIBCO: Ball Valves

Nibco has expanded its line of high-performance ball valves to include 2.5-, 3- and 4-in. sizes of the 585HP-LF and 585HP-66-LF bronze ball valves in solder, threaded, and press end connections.

Flomatic Introduces 8-Inch AIS Compliant Model 408S6 Stainless Steel Ball Check Valve

Flomatic’s ball check valves are anti-roping and self-cleaning with no sharp edges or snag points which helps to prevent clogging from non-flushable wipes and other non-degradable sanitary products. They have been proven in wastewater lift stations for decades with a simple and reliable design.

The Singer In-Line Strainer is Now Available in Additional Sizes

The Singer In-Line Strainer from Mueller Water Products is carefully designed to protect valves and regulators from pipeline debris, created so utilities don’t have to worry about costly maintenance, downtime, and repairs. Manufactured in ductile iron with corrosion-resistant stainless-steel screen, the screen design provides a smooth laminar flow, ideal for locations ahead of automatic control valves.

Equilibar Introduces HP-ERC High Pressure Electronic Controller

Equilibar now offers an excellent option to provide automated electronic pilot control of our back pressure regulators for extremely high-pressure applications such as core analysis or supercritical research.

Modec Portable Valve Actuators

Valve Assist from Modec is a range of portable power tools designed to take the hard work out of operating manual valves. Valves can become difficult to operate for a number of reasons.

Emerson’s New Three-Way Miniature Solenoid Valve Expands Flexibility in Medical Product Design

Emerson has expanded its ASCO™ Series 090 line of miniature solenoid valves, adding a new three-way Series 090 valve configuration to enable lighter, more space-efficient solutions for gas control in oxygen therapy, compression therapy and gas analyzer devices.

Durco® G4XZ Low-Emission Plug Valve

Flowserve engineered the Durco® G4XZ low-emission plug valve to perform reliably and ensure compliance with the most stringent ISO and API fugitive emissions standards, including ISO 15848-1-BH-CO3 and API 641 1st edition.

Admiral Valve, LLC dba CPV Manufacturing Launches the Next Generation of Ergonomic Handles

CPV Manufacturing has reimagined the design of its O-SEAL® and G-Series® valve handles to deliver unparalleled efficiency to operations in piping systems. CPV is delighted to finally introduce the new, functional, ERGONOMIC handles to customers worldwide.