Ultra-Compact Smart Electric Actuators: AVA Series

The innovative AVA series of smart electric actuators from DynaQuip Controls is a unique add to the market. They are ultra-compact, multi-voltage sensing, and can be mounted in any direction. They are also available in on/off, fail-safe, modulating and hi-speed options. 

The SMART AVA comes with an OLED screen function displaying the actuator input/output status and any faults present. The screen features touch buttons to access the internal menu system allowing the user to change settings such as working angle, speed, and function.
The standard AVA is an ideal solution for applications requiring minimal features. It is available with basic on/off, failsafe or hi speed functionality. The standard AVA is constructed traditionally with preset internal cams striking micro-switches to stop the reversible motor in the required positions.
Image credit: DynaQuip Controls
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