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Should You Use Automated Ball & Butterfly Valves?

When and why should you use automated ball and butterfly valves? Any piping system with valves that are subject to the following conditions or concerns will be excellent applications for automated valves.

DynaQuip Controls’ Electrically Actuated Valve

The E2C DynaMatic Series of electrically actuated carbon steel valves offers an economical and rugged option for oil and agricultural automated applications using hydraulic or petrochemical medias.

Ultra-Compact Smart Electric Actuators: AVA Series

The innovative AVA series of smart electric actuators from DynaQuip Controls is a unique add to the market. They are ultra-compact, multi-voltage sensing, and can be mounted in any direction.

Air Automated PVC Ball and Butterfly Valves

DynaQuip's air automated PVC ball and butterfly valves are perfect for applications using PVC piping. These pneumatically automated valves are available with double acting or spring return (specify fail-open or fail-close action).

DynaQuip’s Electric Rotary Valve Actuators

Specialized needs are easily addressed by combining the DynaQuip Control's actuators with any of the many electric actuator accessories including Auxiliary Limit Switches, NEMA 7 and 9, Timers, Modulating Controls, and Continuous Position Indication.

DynaQuip’s DRAINMASTER Automatic Timed Drain Valve

The DRAINMASTER automatic drain valve is designed to offer an expanded twenty cycle times to achieve the most exact discharge performance without wasting air.

DynaQuip’s Multi-Voltage SMART Electric Actuators

The JE Series of electric actuators from DynaQuip Controls delivers the latest technology at a great value. This series of smart actuators is multi-voltage capable with automatic voltage sensing for AC or DC power supply and can be configured for fail-safe battery backup or modulating functions as options.