DeZURIK Spring Diaphragm Stainless Steel Actuators

DeZURIK rotary diaphragm actuators feature accurate performance, rugged construction and a long, economical service life. All external components in the model DR-40B and DR-85B actuators (including the housing, cover, and brackets) are 316 stainless steel. The 316 stainless steel materials provide corrosion resistance for a wide range of demanding industrial environments.
DeZURIK Rotary Diaphragm Actuators are designed specifically for smooth, efficient, and accurate throttling control. DeZURIK diaphragm actuators are used on quarter-turn valves including BHP High Performance Butterfly Valves, VPB V-Port Ball Valves, RCV Rotary Control Valves and .5-3″ PEC Eccentric Plug Valves. 

These spring diaphragm actuators feature enclosed construction, smooth throttling control and accuracy, externally adjustable stops and external position indication. The spring cartridge is caged at the factory for increased safety and optional OSHA lockout devices are available. DeZURIK diaphragm actuators can be used for on-off or modulating service in either a fail-open or fail-closed mode. 

For larger rotary control valves, DeZURIK offers three additional models: DR-125, DR-145A and DR-250A. These actuator sizes provide the same features in epoxy coated cast iron and steel construction for corrosion resistance. 

Courtesy of DeZURIK.
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