Quick Delivery Gearboxes from AVC & Cameron’s DYNATORQU

Bringing together a legacy of innovation, Automated Valve & Control (AVC) and Cameron are teaming up to bring quick-delivery, customized DYNATORQUE™ gears to the Gulf Coast and Western regions of the United States. Both teams bring years of experience in the manual valve actuation industry to this initiative. Providing mount-to-valve or manufacture-to-spec services, AVC has over 40 years of experience in valve technology which allows them to work with all valves and a wide portfolio of stocked automatic and manual actuation products.

Combined with Cameron’s DYNATORQUE line of standard and customized worm and bevel gears and complete suite of automated valve accessories, this partnership delivers customer-focused solutions rapidly and economically. A new joint initiative will allow AVC to provide complete and customized DYNATORQUE quarter-turn and bevel gear operators based on application-driven, customer requirements quickly and economically, with fast-turn availability of 1-3 days (or quicker, depending on customer needs) and standard orders shipping within 5-10 days.

For more information on AVC: www.avctexas.com | info@avctexas.com | 713.747.1500
For more information on Cameron’s DYNATORQUE line: www.c-a-m.com/DYNATORQUE | DYNATORQUE@c-a-m.com | 231.788.7025
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