Flowrox, Rocsole JV to manufacture scaling sensors

Flowrox Automation, together with Rocsole, is developing scaling sensors that combine mathematical modelling and industrial measurement in an innovative way. The sensor sees scaling inside the process pipe, tomographically images the formed deposits and calculates free volume-index in the process pipe.

The product, which will be marketed under the name Flowrox Scaling Watch, will be launched in mid-2014 but the test marketing will start already as of the beginning of the next year through the Flowrox subsidiaries. Flowrox will have the exclusive right to sell the product to the end users whereas Rocsole concentrates on control solutions together with the chemical manufacturers.

”Our aim is to be the forerunner in our industry and offer the latest technology to our customers. The use of sensors will, among other things, decrease the unpredictable interruptions in production in the customer’s process, and intensify the production”, says Heikki Hyttinen, CEO of the Flowrox Group.
“The establishing of a joint venture together with a large industrial manufacturer enables utilisation of a global sales and distribution channel for the developed solution and sending out a new Finnish innovation to the world markets. I am glad that we will get new people around us who are willing to develop and grow and who have evidence of being able to execute the growth”, says Anssi Lehikoinen, CEO of Rocsole.
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