Emerson Smart Valve Positioner Helps Increase Productivity

The Emerson TopWorx PD Series Smart Valve Positioner provides an intelligent, reliable, and versatile solution for valve control with non-contacting sensor technology. This portfolio of compact, intelligent valve control devices communicates with advanced protocols including HART and is capable of being certified for hazardous areas. Smart communication is enabled via a 4-20mA loop signal as well as available open/close discrete inputs. By utilizing contactless internal sensors, the PD Series eliminates wear and reduces costly maintenance. Field calibration and adjustment are simplified with the PD Series LCD interface and the push button or magnetic key controls which enable local control without the need to remove the enclosure cover.

Courtesy of Emerson.

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Sara Mathov is a feature editor contributing to Fugitive Emissions Journal, Stainless steel World Americas, and other related print & online media.