Velan ABV Shipped the Largest Cable Drive Actuators Ever Made

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Velan ABV announced to have shipped the largest cable drive actuators ever made before. As part of a complete package for valve systems, Velan designs and manufactures cable drive actuators suitable for both control and isolation valves, able to improve performance and overcome the limitations associated with traditional systems.

• Fail action: Close
• Closing time: 14 Sec
• Linear torque characteristic
• Max torque delivered in opening at min supply pressure: 110000 Nm
• Minimum torque deliverable in Fail Action (by Spring): 60000 Nm
• Min supply pressure: 5 barG
• Length: 4622 mm
• Weight: 7600 kg

This is the result of Velan ABV strong commitment to be close to customers, to understand and translate their needs into product requirements.

Courtesy of Velan ABV.

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