Emergency Shutoff Valve Automation with Cowan’s E2H-ESD Actuator

Cowan Dynamics, a leading industrial valve actuator manufacturer, continues to advance valve automation with the release of the E2H-ESD. The E2H-ESD actuator is the newest addition to their electro-hydraulic actuator lineup and is designed specifically for Emergency Shutoff Valve (ESD) automation.

“In 2021 the ZE-ESD – a Zero Emission had been released, ESD valve fail-safe system is used in remote areas where power is not available. This product was successfully implemented and praised by remote pipeline operators.” Says Maria Aguirre, Director of Business Development. “Refineries and pipeline operators required more advanced valve automation for their ESD valves. We are pleased to announce the release of the E2H-ESD. The system provides ESD valve automation with state-of-the-art monitoring and precision valve control. Simply mount the E2H-ESD system to the ESD valve – connect to a voltage power supply and your pipeline is protected.”

The ESD-E2H combines the best of hydraulic, and electric actuation in one self-contained system. The E2H-ESD features a completely modular design consisting of the following modules: hydraulic power, hydraulic cylinder, scotch yoke mechanism, spring canister, and control panel for local and remote operation.

In the E2H-ESD actuators, the motor stops when there is no movement required from the valve, this leads to a very low power consumption, an increased life of moving components and eliminates any down time often needed in units where the operation is done using pressurized oil in an accumulator system. In these systems, if its true that the capacity and energy consumption is lower, the system must recharge the accumulators after a few operations have been completed in which time the unit is inoperative, this could affect the reliability of the actuator to achieve an emergency action

Emergency shutdown signals can be designed to perform desired action per application specifications and move the valve to the desired position (fully open/close, last-locked) within specified time

Courtesy of Cowan Dynamics.


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