Dorot launches new vacuum air valve

Dorot Control Valves launched its new Vacuum (Kinetic) Air Valve model DAV-LP-K in 2″ diameter, a product designed for efficient discharge and intake of air during filling or emptying of water systems. The new valve is designed to be used in turf and commercial irrigation heads, in filtration-systems, containers, and other locations where confined air and vacuum conditions may impair the system’s operation or integrity.
A leak-proof seal in the DAV-LP-K valve ensures perfect operation in low-pressure systems. The aerodynamic design of the valve enables airflow at a very high velocity without premature closure. A port in the valve’s top cover directs the ‘blowout’ flow away in one direction thus enabling the installer to prevent the wetting of sensitive devices and operators.
The DAV-LP-K Valve is designed for expelling the air at high flow velocity during the initial filling of the system and introducing large quantities of air when the pipe drains, maintaining atmospheric pressures in the pipe, and preventing collapse and cavitation damage to the conduits. This valve will operate from 0.1barg to 10barg and is built from light-weight, corrosion resistant, reinforced-plastic materials and synthetic rubber. It allows the discharge of 410m3/h of air at a pipe-pressure of 0.5barg and the intake of 180m3/h of air at pipe pressure of -0.1barg. Dorot offers the air valve in 2” BSP or NPT threaded base.

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