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IMI Introduces Its First Valve for Urea Applications

IMI is launching its first control valve for urea plants, which is set to be installed at one of the major fertilizer plants in the MEA region for the first time later this year.

Neway Valve Produced a Globe Type Control Valve

Recently, Neway Valve produced a globe type control valve with labyrinth trim for a 600,000-ton synthetic ammonia unit.

Baker Hughes Awarded Control Valves Contract

Baker Hughes has been awarded a control valves contract for the Diamond Green Diesel plant to be built in Port Arthur, Texas.

Circor RTK Introduces Reflex QC Control Valve

RTK, a Circor International brand and leader in design and manufacturing of control valves and actuators, has introduced the RTKREflex Quick Change control valve with balanced trim.

Belimo Launch 6-Way Pressure-Independent Control Valve

Belimo Americas’ new six-way pressure independent control valve features hydronically decoupled heating and cooling circuits with the integration of an innovative ball design.

Automatic Control Valve ZW221 & ZW222

The Automatic Control Valve ZW221/ZW222 has altitude level control valves that accurately control the water level in a tank or reservoir based on relative pressure, without the need for floats and sensors.

Flomatic® Launches Constant Pressure Pump Control Valve

Flomatic’s new Stainless Steel direct acting constant pressure pump control valve with tappings, Model Cycle Gard® IV CB152SST is a flow efficient globe style, all stainless steel body valve.

Badger Meter’s Type 860 & 809 Globe Control Valve

The Type 860 & 809 Standard Flange Globe Control Valve from Badger Meter features a 1/2" body with 150 lb ANSI raised face flanges.

The SCV-95 Compact 2 Inch Control Valve

The Badger Meter SCV-95 Sanitary Research Control® Valve is a compact 2 inch control valve that uses Tri-Clover® angle bodies and provides larger line sizes and larger flow coefficients than are available from the company’s other sanitary products.

Badger Meter’s Type 1711 Severe Service Control Valve

The Type 1711 Research Control Valve from Badger Meter was designed for pressure control of modulating flow in industrial and research applications.