Charlie Evans

Editor, Valve World Americas journal

Charlie Evans, Editor, Valve World Americas



t is my privilege to head Valve World Americas as Editor. My background in magazine publishing at KCI has introduced me to several industrial sectors. I have relished the opportunity to help build up a community for the industrial valve community on a global scale.

The magazine reaches a wide audience, with a wide range of technical expertise. On a day-to-day basis, our extensive online activities such as newsletters, daily updates, and a huge online technical article archive keep the members informed and in touch.

With such a wide range of valve-focused material, I am confident that there is something for everyone in each issue of Valve World Americas.

I encourage you to send me your technical articles, case studies, and press releases and I look forward to continuing to meet new industry professionals. Please feel free to contact me using the form below, should you have any questions or would like to be featured in Valve World Americas.

Together, we can continue to connect the valve community and reap the benefits of being a progressively innovative industry.

I invite you to join the Valve World Americas community where you will find your industry peers, new friends and subject matter experts who can help inspire you and expand your knowledge. If you are not familiar with Valve World Americas journal, let me tell you something about this title. It is widely considered to be a leading magazine on flow control, valves and related components and is published ten times per year. The editorial content strongly focuses on end-user experiences and practical applications. In addition to technical articles, every issue features projects in a variety of industries such as oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical.

Throughout the year the editorial program has special issues featuring IOGP – JIP33, Hydrogen & Renewable Energy, Maintenance & Repair, Standards & Certifications, Flange Bolting & Torquing, Fugitive Emissions, Disaster Preparation, ESG, Carbon Capture, New Technologies and more. It is the ideal place to read about the industry and your global community; if you would like to submit editorial content, technical articles, white papers or learn more about our upcoming events and how to get involved, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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