Ball valve perfect for surge control

When fully open, Val-Matic’s EnerG AWWA rubber seated ball valve provides 100% clear flow are equal to the pipe size, and is the preferred selection for surge control, low headloss and energy savings. It features the advantages of a standard fusion bonded epoxy interior and exterior coating and a bi-directional resilient Tri-Loc™ seating system. The Tri-Loc™ seat retention system provides a low friction, wear resistant seat that allows easy adjustment or replacement of the seat without removing the valve from the line. The valve is available in 150 lb. and 300lb. AWWA classes in sizes 4”-48” with cylinder, electric motor or manual actuation. The valve fully complies with AWWA C507, meets NSF/ANSI 61 for potable water use and is WQA Certified Lead-Free. All Val-Matic EnerG Ball Valves are manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 quality system.
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