Reduce cost and protect systems

Rather than using two 2-way automated valves to control the flow of liquids, a single 3-way valve does the job with fewer components and lower cost. Assured Automation’s PTP Series 3-Way Ball Valves can be used for flow diverting or controlling two flows coming into a single line. The patented seat stop carrier allows for in-line microadjustment of the ball seating, and features o-ring cushioning to minimize wear and prevent seizing. The PTP also includes a patented DUAL BLOCK® locking union nut system, which ensures the nuts are held in position even under severe service conditions such as high vibration or thermal expansion. Integral mounting flange and bracketing allows for direct actuation and simple support, while a locking handle can prevent improper positioning. The weight of the piping system is reduced by eliminating the second valve, actuator, and solenoid. Typical applications for the 3 way valves include water, light chemical duty, wastewater, and process control.
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