Baker Hughes Awarded Fuel Gas Purge N2 Control Valves Contract for Mitsubishi Hydrogen Blend Project

Mitsubishi Power Americas and Magnum Development have begun construction on the world’s largest underground hydrogen storage project- a 300 GWh underground storage facility in Delta, Utah. This industry-leading Advanced Clean Energy Storage project creates a hydrogen hub that will store hydrogen which will be used as part of the fuel mixture for a 840 MW hydrogen blend capable gas turbine combined cycle power plant.

  • Baker Hughes – Masoneilan will supply 21000 and 41000 globe control valves
  • Baker Hughes – Masoneilan Valves will provide general service globe control valves which will be used in a hydrogen gas blend application
  • Baker Hughes Channel Partner – Classic Controls, Inc., Lakeland FL will provide ongoing product and application expertise in addition to safety support for the project
  • Baker Hughes is committed to Energy Transition and Renewable Green processes such as hydrogen transition

The innovative project will use Utah’s unique geological salt domes to store the produced green hydrogen underground in two gigantic salt caverns with capacities of 150 GWh.  This storage allows the energy to be dispatched when required to generate clean electricity from hydrogen blended fueled turbines, which will help stabilize the grid with sustainable sources and create a new pathway to decarbonization of the western United States.

Baker Hughes has been awarded a control valve equipment contract which includes customized 21000 and 41000 general service globe control valves.  While the valves are general service, its fast-acting capability provides reliability in critical situations such as hydrogen gas blend applications. This solution provides value through the customized design and Multi-Media Seat Leakage Testing on all key medias. Baker Hughes’ state of the art testing capability in Jacksonville allows for easy testing navigation through the different densities and characteristics of each media

Courtesy of Baker Hughes and Mitsubishi.

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