Antimicrobial-treated stainless

AK Steel will shortly unveil food equipment manufactured with its steel coated with an antimicrobial compound. AK Steel recently introduced a family of carbon and stainless flat-rolled steels coated with AgION(TM) antimicrobial compound that inhibits the growth of a broad array of bacteria, mould and fungus. The Food and Drug Administration has recognised the compound as a safe and acceptable additive in all food contact polymers. The National Sanitation Foundation has also certified the compound as safe and acceptable for food contact and food zone applications.
At the NRA show, AK Steel will unveil a food scale, ice cube machine, food storage bin and dishwasher manufactured with its stainless steels coated with AgION antimicrobial compound. The AgION antimicrobial compound is an inorganic material that contains silver, a safe and natural antimicrobial agent.

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