W&O introduces FuelProof

W&O has introduced its new FuelProof fuel, energy and emissions management system to help vessel owners and operators save money and improve vessel efficiency by integrating current data management systems. The FuelProof system has modules that provide better accuracy and more precisely monitor vessel bunker custody transfer, fuel consumption and efficiency, and emissions. FuelProof integrates all existing engine management, automation and DCS systems using a single, easy-to-use interface that provides accurate measurement, recording and reporting of valuable fluid flows on vessels. The bunker module considers all factors affecting bunker transfer measurements and its direct mass method of measurement delivers a 0.5% margin of error during the bunkering process, reducing discrepancies and costs. It easily integrates with existing emission-reducing technology on vessels, including the Amot G-Valve, to provide a complete, accurate measurement and improvement of emissions compliance and can also be used to ensure compliance with emission control areas (ECAs), improving fuel switching performance and emissions monitoring and verification.
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