Weir’s frac pump with angled valve seats

Weir Oil & Gas, the industry’s leading supplier of pressure pumping equipment to the upstream market, has announced its latest innovation to increase customer efficiency and performance. The new SPM® QEM 3000 is the industry’s first high-horse power frac pump designed for continuous-duty pressure pumping operation at 275,000-pound force rod load–all the time.
The new frac pump, incorporates features designed to address a number of industry challenges. For example, the SPM® QEM 3000 pump utilizes the largest frac pump bearing on the market—with a proprietary 25 inch diameter design—to increase component life and reduce downtime by better aligning pump maintenance intervals with those of the engine and transmission. Weir’s patent-pending enhanced frame structure reduces susceptibility to frame cracking due to vibration and industry trends towards longer operating hours and higher rod loads increasingly encountered in continuous duty operations in harsh shale play pumping environments.
The new frac pump employs Weir’s patented SPM® Duralast™ fluid ends, which lower cross-bore stresses by 30 percent or more, doubling the life compared to conventional SPM®fluid ends. Integrated angled valve seats resist seat deck cracking, and Weir’s proprietary stainless steel construction delivers up to five times the life of conventional fluid ends.

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