Unicast launches new two-way valve

Unicast launched its recent cost-cutting solution for the cement industry – the Unicast Two-Way Valve – a two-way cement valve featuring inline maintenance and flexible installation.

A large access panel on one side of the valve allows for inline maintenance of internal wear parts such as the gate and seat. Optional add-on flanges adapt the two-way valve to fit both standard SAE 150# and metric flanges for easy direct replacement and flexible installation. Designed specifically for the alternate feeding of two dry materials into one conveyance, the Unicast Two-Way Valve offers the cement industry a cost-cutting solution with unique wear improvements.

“A cement plant customer in Laramie, Wyoming, approached us looking for a solution to replace a European competitor’s two-way valve”, says Steven Kirschner, Unicast sales manager. “We saw it as a great opportunity to engineer some improvements into the design of the valve in terms of wear life, part replacement and usability. Our engineers took the standard inlet of the Unicast valve and built a new outlet section to fit the same bolt pattern as the competitor’s two-way valve. The customer was happy he didn’t have to modify the pipeline.”

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