Tecninox’s butt weld fittings approved by Petrobras

Tecninox, the integrated manufacturing plant within Raccortubi Group, has been awarded Petrobras’ technical approval for its butt weld fittings. The news comes in quick succession of the launch of the Group’s latest subsidiary in South America, Raccortubi do Brasil Ltda.

Raccortubi Group is taking advantage of the synergy between the stockholding and manufacturing activities, inherent within its organizational structure, to maximize the services provided in Brazil, as well as from its other distribution points in Dubai and Singapore. The Tecninox plant is constantly replenishing Raccortubi stocks with the highest quality fittings in stainless steel, duplex, superduplex, superaustenitics and nickel alloys, whilst each subsidiary is developing its stock on the basis of regional market demand to respond to local needs.

At the Tecninox plant, recent investments have generated additional productivity. Contemporarily, the requirements set out by the NORSOK specifications are being implemented on a daily basis throughout the entire product portfolio to establish a top-notch level of processes and quality controls. These have been cemented in place and are constantly being analyzed for improvement by Quality Manager Sergio Borile, whose technical expertise earned his selection as advisor to the NORSOK Standards Revision Committee last year. The combination of technical experience and enhanced productive processes has led to the acquisition of many additional end-user approvals for Tecninox in recent years.

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