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Solenoid Valves for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

Potentially explosive atmospheres impose strict requirements. Solenoid valves used in these areas must be exceptionally robust and reliable, adaptable to different areas of application and, of course, must conform to the corresponding approvals and directives.

New motorized pinch valves series S170/S370

ASCO Numatics Sirai Srl, with North American offices located in New Jersey, USA and Ontario, Canada, has designed a new series of valves controlled by an electric stepper motor combined with an electronic management board.

Solenoid valves market to reach $5.2B by 2020

According to a recent research report published by IndustryARC, “Solenoid Valves Market Analysis: By Types (Two port, Three-way, Four-way, Direct Acting, Pilot operated); By Industry (Water Treatment, Power, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, Chemical) - With Forecast (2015 - 2020)”, the global solenoid valves market is estimated to reach USD $5.

RAM solenoid valves a force in aerospace

RAM Company in St. George, Utah is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Founded in 1975 by Ray and Melzie Ganowsky in their garage, RAM has grown into a sizeable and respected force in the aerospace industry, for which it designs and manufactures electromechanical devices including solenoids and solenoid valves.

New VS series by Fetso

Fetso has introduced its new VS series of piston-spool solenoid and pneumatic valves and valve manifolds. This new generation of individually wired valves is designed to give years of dependable service while helping OEMs lower the costs of acquisition, assembly and inventory.

Latching solenoid valves from M&M

M&M International released an additional version of solenoid valve that can work without continuous power supply. The latching configuration depends on a special operator with built-in magnet, able to work with coils at a max.

Acro launches Versagrip solenoid product line

Acro Associates, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bimba Manufacturing, launched the Versagrip Solenoid Pinch Valves, a solenoid (electric) product line designed to provide greater flexibility for a wide array of fluidic control system applications.

V4700 Series submerged solenoid valves from Valcor

The series 4700–Submerged are direct-acting solenoid shutoff valves capable of operating while submerged in aircraft-grade fuels. Flow can be shut off in either direction. Series 4700-Submerged valves are similar to Valcor’s series 4700 with a modification to the solenoid housing.

AirMist pneumatic atomizing nozzles with solenoid

Lechler, Inc. has expanded its AirMist pneumatic atomizing nozzle line by introducing the Series 166, an assembly which consists of a solenoid coil attached to an AirMist nozzle.