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Schneider Electric External Sensor for Positioner

Schneider Electric developed an external sensor for the new positioner SRD998. This sensor allows for an ideal connection to the Badger Meter small control valves.

AS-Schneider Double Block & Bleed Valves PycnoValve

The PycnoValve Design is a compact solution for a density measurement. The PycnoValve is designed for Natural Gas liquids measurement using a Pycnometer and Densitometer to measure the density of the process.

Schneider Electric leads ABB & Siemens bid to buy

French company Schneider Electric, is the current front runner to bid for control of UK engineering company Ivensys with a reported bid of USD 5B.

AS-Schneider’s “technically leakproof” solution

AS-Schneider introduces its tried and tested bellows sealed valves for very hazardous media that even a minimal leak rate can be too great.