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DeZURIK Valves for Flue Gas Desulfurization Wet Scrubber Systems

The flue gas desulfurization wet scrubber (FGD-WS) systems are at the heart of the coal power industries emission controls.

DeZURIK Releases New Metal Cutting Knife Gate Valve

DeZURIK Inc. has unveiled a new knife gate valve with an innovative metal cutting design. The new KGC-MC metal cutting cast stainless steel knife gate valves are designed to provide long service life in applications requiring shearing capabilities like those found in pulp and paper recycle applications.

DeZURIK President ‘5 Under 40’ award recipient

Bryan Burns, President and Chief Executive Officer of DeZURIK, Inc., a manufacturer of valves for municipal and industrial applications, was named one of the ‘5 Under 40’ recipients by the St.

DeZurik’s new high-pressure combination air valve

DeZurik's new high-pressure combination air valve, the ASU-CAV is a single body, combination automatic air valve featuring an innovative design for clean or dirty service applications in mining, petrochemicals, water treatment, reverse osmosis and high-pressure (150–300 psi) wastewater.

DeZURIK clean room for valve cleaning & packaging

In order to ensure proper cleaning procedures are performed on valves intended for oxygen, ozone, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, isocyanate and other applications, DeZURIK has constructed a new dedicated clean room within its Sartell manufacturing plant in Minnesota.

New Valve Selection Guide from DeZURIK

DeZURIK, a global valve manufacturer headquartered in Sartell, Minnesota, has released its new Valve Selection Guide, designed to assist users with the valve selection process.