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AVK New Gate Valves with Supa Maxi and PE Ends

AVK recently revealed its new range of gate valves featuring its patented Supa Maxi universal tensile coupling end.

AVK’s New UL/FM Approved Gate Valves

AVK introduced its new range of UL/FM approved gate valves in DN450-600. The large diameter resilient seated gate valves are for fire protection applications.

AVK to supply valves & hydrants to KAEC

AVK Group, a leading supplier of valves and fire hydrants, with numerous locations throughout the US, has signed a long-term master supplier agreement with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) through its AVK Saudi Valves Manufacturing Company.

AVK knife gate valves installed at biogas plant

AVK Group, which has numerous locations throughout the US, has delivered 36 knife gate valves to a new biogas plant in Denmark.

AVK launches new valves manufacturing facility

Danish valves manufacturer AVK Valves Southern Africa, a company which also has many offices located throughout the Americas, has officially launched its R200-million valves manufacturing facility in Alrode, Gauteng, with the manufacturer being the first in its sector to seek to take full advantage of the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI's) local content requirements for State-owned entities.

AVK’s new Supa Lock threaded connection system

Connecting valves and fittings with a threaded connection can be time-consuming and often, it leaves part of the thread exposed to the medium and external environment.

AVK knife gate valve with new actuator

AVK, a valve manufacturer with various operations in North and South America, recently introduced the AVK knife gate valve series 702/73 with a new linear electrical actuator.