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Benefits of Using Automated Valves

Automation helps with activities and processes without the need for personnel to physically engage in carrying them out. Automating valves is valuable for controlling flow in piping systems requiring precision control or fail-safe emergency shutoff.

BASF’s IPM: Simplifying Automated Valves

BASF has co-developed and introduced the Integrated Pneumatic Module (IPM) mainly to simplify the configuration for linear and quarterturn actuators, both in standard and more complex configurations. According to Matko Dijkman, Senior Automation Manager at BASF, the IPM has been designed to prevent unnecessary mistakes in the installation and maintenance process. The IPM also has potential in plant availability, safety and savings, for example, in stock keeping.

StoneL wireless tech for automated valves

StoneL, a producer of valve communication and control technology based in Minnesota, has announced the release of Axiom and Prism wireless applications that enable users to remotely set limit switches, operate solenoids, check diagnostic parameters, and store tag and automated valve information.

Ross launches new multi-shaft mixer

Ross introduced a new multi-shaft mixer equipped with a helical ribbon agitator for excellent top-to-bottom mixing of viscous pastes, gels and dense suspensions. Two other agitators – a saw tooth blade and a three-wing anchor – deliver high-speed dispersion and very thorough product turnover.

Automated Valve & Controls expands facility

Valve automation specialist Automated Valve & Controls (AVC) has doubled the size of its facility and relocated to Market Street in Houston, Texas.