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AS-Schneider Double Block & Bleed Valves

The Taurus Series Double Block & Bleed Valves are providing a double isolation function with a Twin Ball Design and a bleed function by different bleed/vent valve designs.

AS-Schneider Anti-Tamper Valve Head Units

Pressures of several hundred bar, temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius: Industrial valves, such as those used in power plants, the oil and gas industry or in chemical process systems, work under the most arduous conditions.

AS-Schneider expands its DBB product range

AS-Schneider, which has a North American office located in Houston, Texas, has expanded the comprehensive Double Block & Bleed (DBB) product range of its VariAS-Blocks.

AS-Schneider E-series performs at high temps

AS-Schneider, a leading valve manufacturer with branches in the Americas, offers the E Series Valves and Manifolds with sealing made of graphite, and suitable for use in high temperatures.

AS-Schneider expands KB & KC ball valve portfolio

AS-Schneider, a leading valve manufacturer with branches in the Americas, has now expanded its comprehensive product range to the KB and KC Ball Valve Series with a bore size of 14 and 20 mm.

AS-Schneider E series valves fire safe approved

AS-Schneider, a valve manufacturer with branches in the Americas, has received the Fire Safe Approval for its E Series valves and manifolds. This means that the valves offer a safe and reliable shut-off in the case of fire.

AS Schneider expands facility in Middle East

AS-Schneider, with operations in North and South America, including a Sales Office in Houston, Texas, continues to invest in the growth market of the Middle East. The subsidiary of the Nordheim instrumentation specialist in Dubai has moved to a new, 500 square-meter company building in early October.

Gauge protector and gauge snubber by AS-Schneider

Gauge protectors and gauge snubbers by AS-Schneider provide a reliable and economical solution to protect measuring instruments from the effects of pressure fluctuations.Gauge protectors are designed for steadily increasing continuous pressure such as in the thermal expansion of the medium in the pipeline.

Process Monoflange with new valve technology

 AS-Schneider engineers have been given the task of consistently transferring the tried-and-tested valve technology of the successful ISO FE Series to the OS&Y valve bonnets of the AS-Schneider Process Monoflange.

“Technically leakproof” bellows valves

With very dangerous media, even the minimal ISO FE-Series leak rate can be too high. In cases like these, you can, however, use tried and tested AS-Schneider bellows valves.To move the valve stem upwards and downwards on a leak-free basis, a multi-layer, metal bellow is used that is firmly attached on the one side to the stem and on the other side is firmly welded to the housing.