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The Evolution of the Spiral Wound Gasket

Individuals today live in a highly industrialized world. Technology advances at such a rapid pace that it seems like new products and innovations appear almost daily.

Valves: How do they Work and Why are they Important?

At their most basic, valves are devices that control, direct or block away flow within a system or process.

The Role of Valves in Carbon Capture and Storage

The need for carbon capture comes along­side the call for a greener future and in­novative processes to reduce global emis­sions.

Reducing Fugitive Emissions from Control Valves

As operators in the oil & gas industry, it is vitally important to optimize the performance of control valves to maximize efficiency and profitability while maintaining safety and reliability.

Upcoming Topics in the Valve Industry

Thirty-one companies with revenues of more than USD $500 million in the Air, Water, Energy (AWE) market are expanding through acquisitions.

Exploring the Many Benefits of Constant Pressure Pump Control Valves

Adequate and dependable water pressure is one of the simplest yet greatest luxuries of the modern-day household.

Visual Indication: Simple Solutions for Ambitious Commitments

To successfully achieve the targets defined by the ambitious GHG commitments, both the expansion of emissions control regulations to equipment and sites yet to be regulated, and the adoption of new technologies and practices are inevitable.

Valve Supplier Guidance Needed To Find Alternate Sources of Energy

Valves are a critical component in the production of various fuels that are currently being used to replace Russian oil and gas. The free world is united in a program to eliminate Russian energy purchases. People are motivated in a way not seen since the OPEC oil embargo in 1973.

Important Overview of Check Valve Dynamics

Design engineers of aerospace propulsion systems are always challenged with optimizing the performance of their system. As program requirements firm up, system design engineers canvass the industry to ascertain the availability of components that can improve the system performance. One of the areas for improvements are check valves.

Asset Integrity Management Systems: Operation and Commissioning Issues on Valves in...

In the pipeline industry, there are different types of corrosion that may occur, under certain conditions. Some of which include galvanic corrosion, alkaline acidic corrosion, and stress-corrosion cracking. There are multiple ways to reduce the risk of corrosion.