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ARI Valve’s Check Valves and Strainers

This check valve and strainer unit from ARI Valve Corporation can be used in power stations, processing technology, gas supply, flue gas purification plants, recycling facilities, vacuum facilities, vapor facilities, thermal oil applications, ammonia, hot water, heating technology, district heating, cooling and freezing systems, general plant manufacturing, steam systems Steam, gases, liquids, etc.

ARI Valve’s Control Valves & Actuators

ARI Valve Corporation makes a wide range of control valves and actuators, including the ARI-STEVI®. Straight-through or three-way control valves, with electric or pneumatic actuators, are designed with variable trim options to accurately regulate everything from cold water to aggressive thermal oils.

Electric Valve Actuators from ARI Valve Corporation

The ARI Valve electric actuators feature a thrust force range from 2.2 to 15 kN. PREMIO® 2.2 to 15 kN thrust force for Industrial installations, processing technology, plant manufacturing, etc.