SSP launches EB series encapsulate ball valve

SSP introduced the new EB series Encapsulated Ball Valve with features such as a blowout-proof stem to improve safety, and one-piece packing – in all sizes – that ensure reliable and representative samples.

The valve’s forged one-piece body reduces leak paths and offers a choice in end connections, including all popular tube-fitting configurations. In addition, the ‘drop in fit’ design allows for easy replacement.

FloLok EB Series One-Piece Encapsulated Ball Valves are part of the growing family of FloLok instrumentation valves. They are ideal valves for analytical instrumentation sampling, control systems, and other medium-pressure applications. EB Series ball valves use one-piece encapsulating packing to ensure leak-tight operation and provide positive shutoff in high- low- and dynamic pressure applications. The encapsulating PTFE packing eliminates dead space to reduce purging time and improve system cleanliness. EB Series ball valves also feature an innovative packing retainer that prevents the stem from blowing out when making inline packing adjustments. They can handle temperatures between -65°F and 300°F and pressures from vacuum to 3000 psig.

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