Spirax Sarco Introduces SP7 and SP8 Smart Positioners

Spirax Sarco, the global leader in steam system engineering and management has expanded its product line to include the new SP7 and SP8 Smart Positioners. These new positioners are mounted onto a control valve to allow a central control system to remotely control the valve with an analog input signal. By using a smart positioner, the long-term precision of the valve increases as the positioner helps to counteract valve drift. Smart positioners also provide fast and easy commissioning with only a few button presses for customers in the food, beverage, institutional, and healthcare industries.

“With a global focus on sustainability and energy-efficient operation, Spirax Sarco is pleased to announce that SP7 and SP8 Smart Positioners are the most energy-efficient positioners available when operating at steady-state, with a maximum air consumption of 0.015 SCFM, regardless of the supply of air pressure. This is up to 50x more efficient than similar electro-pneumatic positioners which can lead to a decrease in compressed air utility expenses of $1,000+ per year, per positioner. As compressed air is one of the most expensive utilities in a production facility, reducing the waste not directly associated with performance is paramount to reducing energy cost and improving sustainability during operation.” said Chris Rossi, Spirax Sarco Product Manager.

According to Rossi, SP7 and SP8 Smart Positioners comprise a robust construction of die cast aluminum case and cover, and are designed to work in the harshest conditions, especially applications with high levels of vibration without failure, up to 10g/80 Hz. The SP7 and SP8 Smart Positioners can be used with any actuator that conforms to NAMUR and include a standard 3-year manufactures warranty. The SP7 series of Smart Positioners provide a wide range of alarms, along with indicators to perform preventative maintenance. The SP8 Smart Positioner includes advanced valve diagnostics that allow for long term data trending to benchmark current valve performance against a new control valve. Both positioners can be a great tool to provide indications of valve operational limits to best plan maintenance schedules.

Courtesy of Spirax Sarco.

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