SENER opens office in Brazil

Engineering and technology group SENER has opened an office in São Paulo, Brazil. The company establishes an operating and permanent division in the country made up of about 300 Brazilian professionals specialized in engineering and construction that will carry out projects in the fields of power and process, civil engineering and architecture, aerospace and marine engineering.

Furthermore, SENER premises in Brazil also include an office in Rio de Janeiro.

This new division is one more step to consolidate SENER’s presence in Brazil, a country with great prospects for development in infrastructure and where the company expects to make its contribution carrying out engineering projects and turnkey construction projects, especially those involving a technological challenge.

The opening of the division in Brazil reflects SENER’s globalization strategy, which implies enhancing its presence in new locations combining the own corporate culture of a global company with full integration into the essence of each country, thus maintaining proximity with its clients.  

SENER’s General Manager in Brazil, Mr Guido Casanova, heads the São Paulo office, in Brazil. He is a Marine Engineer, graduated from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, and was previously responsible for managing Pirelli’s business in Brazil and Mexico. Additionally, Casanova lead the telecommunications division in Brazil, as well a,s holding various management positions of the company Techint in Brazil and Italy.

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