Sealing materials improves asset reliability

Flexitallic has developed its Thermiculite sealing technology to provide a successful seal across the widest spectrum of chemical processing technologies. Due to its basic chemical makeup, structure and availability in different gasket styles Thermiculite is able to handle extremes of both chemical media and temperature. It is capable of sealing at temperatures ranging from cryogenics to in excess of 1000C – even in oxidising environments. Expansion of the crystal structure and packing optimisation of the resulting silicate plates ensures gas tight sealing under extreme process conditions. Recent testing has proven the materials ability to seal to extremely low leak rates; thousands of times tighter than the requirements of Germany’s air quality standard (TA Luft VDI 2440). Thermiculite technology is available as soft cut gaskets for low pressure sealing applications and semi-metallic products for intermediate, high pressure or cycling applications. 

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