Schlumberger unveils new rotary steerable system

Schlumberger launched the PowerDrive Orbit rotary steerable system (RSS). The new RSS expands the operating envelope of rotary-steerable technology by extending the system life, delivering precise directional control and increasing drilling efficiency. This service is the latest addition to the PowerDrive technology RSS portfolio, which has drilled more than 135 million feet globally since the first tool was introduced 16 years ago.

The newly designed pad actuation system, combined with real-time three-axis shock-and-vibration measurements, allows the PowerDrive Orbit RSS to withstand the most difficult drilling conditions and operate at higher rotational speeds than conventional systems. The multi-axis continuous inclination and azimuthal gamma ray capabilities reduce the uncertainty of well positioning, and enable self-steering to deliver a smoother wellbore.

The PowerDrive Orbit RSS was field-tested in more than 500 runs over two years in challenging onshore and offshore drilling conditions in regions including the Middle East, US land, US Gulf of Mexico, Colombia, Mexico, China, Venezuela and the North Sea. In the Middle East, the PowerDrive Orbit RSS drilled a record 12,690ft in a single run, extending the lateral length of previous wells by 33% and completing the operation 21 days ahead of schedule.

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