Rotary actuators for internal valves from Emerson

Emerson Process Management has released the Fisher P700 rotary style actuator for use with Fisher C series internal valves in LP-Gas services. These actuators offer a reliable method to operate internal valves on storage tanks, delivery trucks and bulk transports remotely.

The P700 series actuators assure efficient performance of both the actuator and the Fisher C series internal valve to deliver full valve capacity. It is designed to precisely actuate Fisher internal valves and eliminate side-load wear. The P700 series reduces actuator air consumption. The P700 series actuators are compatible with air, nitrogen or propane vapour. They include a ¼” (6.35mm) UL® approved thermal fuse plug to provide shut-off in the event of an emergency situation and feature a maximum allowable inlet pressure of 8.6 bar.

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