Portable valves gearbox for underground valves

F.lli Scapin’s brand-new RPM ‘Portable valve gearbox’ for valves operators helps easy and fast opening/closing on underground water valves not equipped with a reduction gearbox and usually moved by a Tee Key, valve requiring high Nm values (rather than manual work of one single operator) or valves needing a high number of turns to be fully open or closed.

Available in RPM100N and RPM300N versions, RPM tools are completely portable and safe. Every unit is composed of a chassis and a handy plastic case that contains all remaining parts. Because of their low weight, they can be easily transported and mounted directly on intervention site. Locking system of chassis to the ground avoids ‘snatch’ rotation while operating and prevents risks of injury to operators.

Custom features (torque limiter/digital counter) and accessories (shaft extensions, adaptors and bushings) are available to perform installation and usage of RPM tools on underground valves of any type and dimensions.

Portable Valve Gearbox’ devices can be used for manual operations, but they guarantee high performances when coupled with a Scapin’s APS portable actuator. With RPM300N+APS combo, one single operator is able to move several large-size underground valves (up to 300Nm requested), in less time than manual intervention of one (or more) operator with a Tee Key and with no physical effort requested.

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