PIC valves from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has just introduced a new range of Pressure Independent Control (PIC) valves. This new and innovative range of PIC valves are designed for use in a range of hydronic heating and cooling circuits. The VP223R and VP224R valves provide a stable hydronic flow independently of any change to system pressure.
The new PIC valves act as combined balance and control valves, allowing end-users and installers to benefit from improved system balancing, and ensuring better comfort control in all zones. Through the use of these valves, a reduction in total energy consumption can be achieved through the minimisation of coil overflows and hunting.
The valves have an adjustable maximum flow rate, which is set by hand using the supplied ‘flow-pre-setting tool’. Once set, a proportional actuator will regulate the valve flow rate to any point between 0 and 100 per cent of this pre-set flow. Alternatively, without an actuator, the valves can be operated as an automatic balancing valve for flow limiting applications. The valves are paired with the MP200 proportional actuators and MP140 on/off actuators in sizes DN15 to DN32 and the AVU actuators on DN40 and DN50 valves.
Just some of the key features of the PIC valves include: Simple flow pre-setting, differential pressure controller, direct flow measuring, full control authority and removable flow cartridge.

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