PDC Announces Milestone Achievement of 75.4 Hours of Continuous Pumping Time

PDC Energy, Inc together with Liberty announced that both company operational teams have collectively achieved the milestone of 75.4-hours of continuous plug-and-perf pumping time in the DJ Basin in late January 2022. The operations team completed 4,525 minutes of pumping time with zero non-productive time.

Continuous plug-and-perf pumping offers multiple benefits for PDC and the community in which the companies operate including reduced cost, lower environmental impact, and less time spent on location.  During the 75.4-hour period, PDC and Liberty completed 72 stages. This achievement resulted in 14% less time spent on location.  Additionally, by eliminating idle time on location, the groups were able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8% compared to another 72-stage period of similar design.

During operations, the teams utilized the Intelligent Wellhead Systems in Vision Technology Platform, a digital completion technology that introduces plant-style process control to the frac site using a combination of sensors and accumulator valve lockouts. This data-to-action system enables complex valve management processes for continuous frac operations to be performed safely, consistently, and efficiently.

“In 2021, Liberty launched Operation 1440, an effort to optimize every minute of the day,” said Liberty CEO, Chris Wright.  “Liberty and PDC teams successfully completed this mission and took the goal to new heights as the company achieved over 3 days of continuous plug-and-perf pumping. Liberty is proud to partner with companies like PDC, that prioritize technology to continue to raise standards in ESG and safety performance.”

Courtesy of Intelligent Wellhead Systems.

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Sara Mathov is a feature editor contributing to Valve World Americas, Stainless steel World Americas and other related print & online media.