New Promation actuators

Promation Engineering PA/O-PD/O Quarter-Turn Electric Spring Return Actuators feature a robust, industrial design for use with all ball and butterfly valves or dampers with load equipments ranging from 450 to 2300 lbs., have a hardened steel gear train for smooth operation, and are available with or without a patented, clutch-free manual handwheel for positioning of the actuator in any situation. They are also available in either clockwise (CW) or counter clockwise (CCW) failsafe positioning. Available in on/off or proportional control models, the actuator’s standard features include an integrated position indicator, two auxiliary switches (rated at 3A 250V Max), an internal low-power, anti-condensation heater, patented hydraulic damper to prevent point-of-closure shock to valve dampers, and a cast aluminum polymer coated housing that is rated NEMA 4X for safe exposure to high pressure hosing and corrosion resistance. The unit accepts a wide range of control signals, generates multiple feedback signals, and is easily adjustable in the field. The actuators are also available for 24 VAC/DC, 120 VAC, and 230 VAC supply voltages, are ISO 5211 compliant, and come equipped with electrical and mechanical safety interlocks to protect both the operator and equipment. Available options include proportional control, cold weather kits, local control units, and 3-phase power solutions. All options are factory installed, calibrated, and tested.
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