New Moog actuator raises the bar

Moog Inc., based out of East Aurora, New York, has released its high-cycle Megatork hydraulic rotary actuator, the latest in a series of actuators that Moog has produced for nearly 50 years for clients around the globe. The Megatork can provide millions of cycles of continuous service and achieve 90-degree rotation in less than five to ten seconds, for catalytic cracking units, pipe line valves, and electric valve actuation and R&P valve actuation in processing plants. The Megatork’s end-of-stroke design reduces the shock to both the actuator and the valve it controls, which extends service life. At an operating pressure of 3,000 psi, the Model 50M Megatork actuator delivers an output torque of 50 million pound-inches. The Megatork hydraulic rotary actuator comes in more than a dozen models from the 1M, with a torque factor of 333, to the 50M, with a torque factor of 16,667.
“The Megatork product line goes beyond our standard line of rotary hydraulic actuators for applications beyond 600,000 pound-inches of torque,” says R. Scott Scheffler, marketing solutions manager for Oil and Gas at Moog Inc. “Moog has the experience to customize the Megatork as well as its other actuators for applications requiring output torques beyond the products’ normal ratings.”

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