New icon-based interface improves efficiency

Emerson Process Management has launched a new icon-based user interface for the industry-leading 475 Field Communicator that simplifies the work of field maintenance technicians. The new interface features graphical menus that are easy to use and understand, and device dashboards that provide a clear view of a device’s operating health. The 475 also includes the ValveLink mobile software application, which delivers advanced control valve diagnostics in the field for Fisher Fieldvue instruments. The icon-based interface functions like popular consumer products with a touch screen for one-finger selection of various tasks, including quick connection to field devices and ValveLink mobile. Once a field device is identified, task-based menus enable technicians to easily carry out maintenance or troubleshooting routines.
Device Dashboards are also now incorporated in the 475 Field Communicator. These interfaces provide an instant view of all essential information needed to evaluate, diagnose and configure a field device to help reduce guesswork and shorten the time required for maintenance in the field. Issues are not only identified, but detailed troubleshooting information indicates where and how repairs should be made.

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