New Efficient Valve for Cryogenic Applications

The new Type 3598 Cryogenic Valve has been specially developed to meet the requirements of cryogenic applications. The valve is available in various sizes up to NPS 8, and pressure ratings up to Class 900 and is suitable for temperatures down to –196 °C. 

The valve can handle high pressure drops. It has a cryogenic extension bonnet and circulation inhibitor that ensure a perfect temperature distribution and minimize energy loss to the atmosphere. The top-entry design facilitates work on the valve: the valve can be serviced without having to remove the enclosure or insulation it is installed in. The valve seat, piston and circulation inhibitor can be accessed directly after removing the actuator.

Lower actuator thrusts and smaller actuator sizes can be used thanks to the standard pressure balancing by a piston. This allows customers to save money on initial investment and reduce the cost of installation and servicing over the actuator’s life cycle. Possible fields of applications for SAMSON’s high-pressure cryogenic valve include air separation units (ASU) and marine applications, for example to store and transport cryogenic gases on LNG carriers.

SAMSON is responding to the customers’ growing demand for increasingly larger units. Further additions to the modular design, e.g. larger valve sizes and higher pressure ratings, are being planned.

Image credit: SAMSON
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