Mix-dispense valve for adhesives and sealants

For low-flow mixing and dispensing of 2-component adhesives and sealants like silicones, epoxies, acrylics and urethanes, Sealant Equipment and Engineering has designed the 2600-093 Micro-Kiss™ Series mix-dispense valve. The valves have 2 screw holes and 2 dowel holes to mount accurately to automation fixtures, robot tooling and handles of electric or pneumatic valves. Especially ideal for mix ratios wider than 1 to 1, the on-off actuation controls the flow of fluid components for accurate on-ratio mixing. The valves are equipped with double air actuation for 4-way pneumatic valve connections, have a high-pressure rating and no-drip functionality with carbide ball-end needles and carbide seats for long-life viscous and abrasive material dispensing. The valve measures 1in(H)x1.8in(W)x4.9(L) and weighs 1.5lbs.
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