Metso’s Valve Services Prominent in Planned Shutdowns

Future Neles, Metso’s valve business, recently announced that its valves were used in approximately 250 major planned shutdowns globally in 2019, to secure plant availability, reliability, safety and environmental compliance. Services included specialized maintenance planning, on-time start-up and effective execution, ensuring the safety and availability of the plant until the next planned shutdown.

Sami Nousiainen, vice-president of valves services at Metso, commented, “Having us as a reliability partner for shutdown planning secures that the right valves are maintained and that the correct materials and resources are available when needed.”

Metso delivers tag-specific service reports, test certificates and recommendations for future maintenance, upgrades and replacements to improve process reliability and safety. “We currently use diagnostic data, performance data and historical maintenance data to determine which valves need be maintained during shutdown,” Nousiainen added. 
Image credit: Metso
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