Managing Aging Plants USA Conference preview

MTI will be co-hosting the third Managing Aging Plants Conference with partner KCI, November 9th to 10th at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. The MTI Project Team has organized a program that includes 34 technical presentations as well as two unique workshops.

Here is glimpse at a few of the many technical presentations featured at the upcoming MAPs USA event:

Keynotes: The Top Ten Reasons for Fixed Equipment Mechanical Integrity Failures in Aging Plants; Challenges for Corrosion Subject Matter Experts in Aging Plants; and Safety Issues in Aging Plants.

Best Practices for Managing Aging Plants: Replacement of Equipment in Aging Plants with Cost Competitive Improved Materials of Construction; A Best-Practice Framework for Managing Aging Infrastructure; and Methodology for Comparing Asset Integrity Management Programs.

RBI: 25 Years of Risk-Based Inspection; Safe Operation of Aging Hydrogen Generation Plants Using RBI and IOWs; and Risk Based Repair of Refinery Structures.

Specific Assets Management: Degradation, Intergranular Cracking and Rupture of Type 304L SS in a Nitric Acid Plant; In-Service Repair of a Leaking Steam Methane Reformer Outlet Pigtail; and Corrosion Studies & Their Influence on Material of Construction Selection.

Inspection: Proactive Integrity Management of Aging Plant; Management of Complex Facilities Using Robots; and Best Practices for Inspection and Data Analysis for Management of Aging Plants.

Materials Damage Mechanisms: Materials Damage Mechanisms; Managing CUI in Aging Refinery/ Petrochemical Plants; and High Temperature Hydrogen Attack.

Welding: 5 Steps to Successful Repairs and Hot Tap Thermal Analysis Case Studies.

Non-Metallic Materials: Managing Aging Plants: Non-metallics; Cost-Effective Polymeric Heavy Corrosion Systems in Aging Plant; and Best Practices of Specialty Polymeric and Flake Glass Liners for Aged Steel and Concrete Tank.

Special Topics: Process Electrical Safety Compliance; Managing Aging Controls; Monitoring and Repair of Aging Reactive Metal Equipment; and Managing an Aging Workforce.

Sponsored by Schmidt + Clemens Group and Chesterton, the event is supported by the Fluid Sealing Association and organized by MTI and KCI World.

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