KLINGER Ballostar KHSVI – the Hydrogen Ball Valve

Valves for hydrogen applications need to be robust and durable: The Ballostar KHSVI from KLINGER Fluid Control ticks all the boxes for this demanding medium.

Formation of bubbles, embrittlement and, in extreme cases, ruptures in the pipework: When working with hydrogen (H2), you need a few technological tricks up your sleeve. “Its chemical properties make hydrogen difficult to handle. For example, it can diffuse into metals that it comes in contact with,” says Gerhard Gruber, Application Engineer at KLINGER Fluid Control. Based in the Austrian Gumpoldskirchen, the company has already gained plenty of experience in handling the tricky medium and, as a result, made significant advances regarding its products’ leakage rate and service life.

Courtesy of Klinger.

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